Barry's UK Weekly Survival Membership

Introducing our new weekly Survival Membership supporting you through the UK's Tier restrictions.

Exclusive access to TWO daily 30-minute recorded workout videos, following the Barry’s in-studio schedule and guided by our most senior UK instructors.

7 days of new content delivered on-demand, accessible any time of day (or night) from anywhere.

They won’t be in the Red Room with you, but their decades of experience, motivating words and high energy programming will be accessible to you any place, any time, day or night, and will push you to work(out) hard and be your best.

Just £20 plus VAT for 7 days access.

Each day you’ll receive:

A new 30-minute recorded strength training workout video with dumbbells, designed to improve body composition, build muscle mass, and increase metabolism.

A new 30-minute recorded Barry’s bodyweight floor workout with aerobic bursts designed to get your heart rate up, take your mind off the outside world, and and of course leave you with that Barry’s feeling.

The Timetable

Arms & Abs

Full Body (Lower Focus)

Chest, Back & Abs

Abs & Ass

Total Body

Full Body (Upper Focus)

Total body

Daily videos available for 24 hours and then replaced with the next days.

£20 + VAT for 7 days access